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their support that they've given us the years that weve been here. it is just an opportunity for us to show that we care and make sure their children get home safely. [ speaking spanish ] >> he is kind of like a neighborhood hero. >> absolutely. >> was a pillar in this community. >> their son, marcus, was born in 1998 and to the relief of joan's family, the two married in january, 2000. and this is where we would like to have used the words happily ever after but, of course, that's not why we're here. things happened. the first thing was vincent's odd disappearances. >> he would leave for three days. wouldn't say where he was going. he would come back and joannie could not question his whereabouts or who he was with or what he was doing. that behavior was extremely strange. >> they fell out of love, they divorced, they fell in love again, they had a daughter, lindsay. joannie said her brother worked very hard at this. >> joannie wanted her children to have a father. she wantedt to be husband and wife. that was her main concern, that he was really involved in the childrens' life. >> it seeme
introduces someone. he uses figures from the omb that they don't match with the cbo. that gives the gop something to talk about at the dnc quickly trots out a tr -dvd saying that the sar you and the ama support the client asked us phrma. the art in c. wants us i is but right here at fnc, we have their ads that sure looked like it. meanwhile, the fbi have to investigate if the e-mails sent by voters were in violation of the pra question mark in a taken foia request to find out and the secretary of hhs stirred up things in the msm about the public option. of course the afl-cio and the acr and have been tried to pack townhomes last week as they were mia until they got told to rally and you know what? i'm like thinking omg, i'm lol. because this whole thing is a big mbs s. well, i wonder if the presidents guarantee will work. stay tuned to fnc, you can find out. that's my view i would love to hear yours. and you can contact me. when you do, click onto the "fox news" feedback section and there you'll also find some information on how to contact your congressman and senators. [ applause ] >>
." escalating violence in iraq. despite a relatively smooth presidential election, an assessment from the top u.s. general in afghanistan that the situation there is deteriorating. we'll map out the challenges in both war zones and discuss calls for even more u.s. troops. the chairman of the joint chiefs admiral michael mullen and karl eiken berg, the u.s. ambassador to afghanistan. >>> the president is off for a vineyard vacation. not before making clear recent setbacks won't quiet his calls for major health care changes this year. >> my obligation to the american people says we're going to get this done one way or another. >> if that's the policy and political hurdles in the senate republican richard lugar and independent joe linerman and democrat benjamin cardin. >>> and he says the house should push the reset button on health care reform. democratic congressman emmanuel cleaver gets "the last word." >>> then on "american dispatch" from ft. riley, kansas. off to war again. soldiers and families from the first infantry division take another turn in the army cycle of families praying. this is "t
us? >> i have the section you were referring to about the mock executions. it deals with one of the high value detainees, the alleged planner of the uss cole attack that killed 17 sailors. it says that a handgun and a power drill were held close to his head, and then it goes on to talk about this incident with the firing of a gun in an adjacent cell. 4 give me, because some of this is redacted, so the language may seem a little bit awkward. it reads, " [blank] stage to the incident, which included screaming and yelling by other officers and guards. when the guards removed the detainee from the room, they passed a guard dressed as a hooded detainee lying motionless on the ground and made to appear as if he had been shocked." -- as if he had been shot." earlier in the report, there is confirmation that in the case of the self-described architect of 9/11 and abd al nashiri -- both men were threatened with harm against their families. specifically with khalide sheikh mohammed -- he was told if anything else happen in the united states, they would kill his children. these are just
'm courtney reagan. in the u.s., more dominoes could fall. more banks could go under before the current crisis ends. >>> hello and welcome to cnbc's "worldwide exchange." let's show you where the session currently is is. the ftse 300, 23 points dipped off the high for the session. european stock markets one hour into the trading day. after making three percentage points gains on monday, we're three points up again today as well. investors put more risk into the stock market. dollar-yen, 94.93. euro-dollar back from highs. cable knowledging back from the highs. euro/sterling, steady. christine, good to see you. >> here in asia, i'll call it the bernanke bounce after the optimistic comments from bernanke over the weekend. saying that the global economy could be coming out of the recession. the nikkei up 2.5%. the kospi, continuing to watch this climb. this market last week climbed sharply. still up 60% year to date. the sensex up 2.4%. overall a strong showing in asia. crude oil seems to be putting on gains, in hopes that a global economy is in order. light crude, $74 a barrel. brent is tacking
have actually used them? captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> good evening. it was two months ago tomorrow the world learned michael jackson was dead and for the first time tonight we now know definitively what killed him with a chilling time line the drugs jackson was given in the final hours of his life. the l.a. coroner concluded he died of a lethal amount of the anesthetic propofol and reports that homicide charge was be coming next. mike von fremd is in los angeles to start us off. good reasoning. >> reporter: good evening. court damages are revealing. michael jackson's doctor said he was trying to wean him off of the potential lethal pain medication but that didn't stop the doctor from administering one last dose that the coroner now says ended michael jackson's life. after months of speculation the many court documents tell the grim story of the day jackson died. jackson's doctor had been treatmenting the insomia for weeks. exparties with propofol. murray was concerned that jackson was becoming increasingly addicted to propofol and introduced other drugs to help him sleep.
are perking up. we look at whether that rising tide will help lift the u.s. economy. >> susie: prospects for recovery are definitely lifting oil prices. crude continued its march higher on hopes a recovery will bring with it a big boost in demand. >> paul: "cash for clunkers" heads to history's scrap heap but dealers are getting a little extra time to cross their "t's" and dot their "i's". so what's next for the u.s. auto industry? coming up, some answers from a noted analyst. >> susie: this recruiter is trying to fill 300 positions but he's swamped with thousands of resumes. tonight, standing out in a crowded field of applicants. >> paul: i'm paul kangas. >> susie: and i'm susie gharib. this is nightly business report for monday, august 24. "nightly business report" is made possible by: this program was made possible by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> susie: good evening everyone. oil prices closed at a new high for the year: $74.37 a barrel. in new york trading october crude futures rose 48 cents to settle just shy of $75. prices have doubled sinc
are emerging tonight as the u.s. attorney general begins a criminal probe in to whether they were tortured urn the administration. we have the news edge on this developing story. >> shaun this is the report and this is the question, did the cia and u.s. government operative break the law with the methods they used in questioning suspected terrorist detainees. the decision by eric holder could very well lead to the same government officials who are responsible for inter gating prison suspects. in this just released report written 2004, the cia inspector general reveals the message interrogators used in questioning terror detainees. some former cia officials filled it in. >> no one wants torture. none of us are for torture. it come down to what is torture. water boarding is not torture and will never beonsidered torture. >> reporter: the cia report goes far beyond water boarding. mohammad was told of a if he they attacked again his children would be killed and another was told his mother would be sexually assaulted in front of him. a claim the interrogator denies. last spring the president desc
-- >> school supplies. >> what else -- you were telling me you could use donations for? to pay for what? food? >> food. the people have been asking for electric, i've paid peoples's electric in ohio and food.
a history of drug use and culture in the united states including opium in new york in the 19th century, drug experimentation in the 1960's and the debates about the legalization of marijuana. he explains why certain trucks popular at certain times in history and gives his thoughts on the government's war on drugs. back pages books in massachusetts holds this event. it lasts about an hour. >> i'm constantly asking myself what is the point of the reading and how we make the idea of an author talk or reading sound less boring and the issue is so few of us have the time in a date to peace these things together six hinckley and brilliantly and watching ryan talk about something as boring as government policy but how it really represented something on a map, a shift in how drugs mover of this country and with their related to in terms of what we need and what we use, what we desire and how we tried to get it is a truly brilliant thing. it does change the way to view this country and how we deal with people. so this is an honor to might, it's an important and necessary book, "this is your country o
? we left the nursing home and they told us we are on our own. he left with a feeding tube. i have been working with him but i'm not a speech pathologist, a professional that takes six years for a master's and i'm trying to get him to even drink. >> well, i think first of all, yeah, we'll help. the first thing we'll do is see what we can do individually to help you through our office but the other thing that's missing in this debate is us as neighbors, helping people that need our help. you know, we tend -- [ applause ] >> the idea that the government is the solution to our problems is an inaccurate, a very inaccurate statement. >> it's interesting that senator coburn just essentially said the government is not the solution. but then you have to ask yourself he just told her to come and see him. isn't he the government? by the way, after helping her, what will he do about the other 46,999,000 americans that don't have insurance and the thousands upon thousands of americans who say they do have insurance but like her, they're not getting coverage. we'll ask those questions and we'll stay
interrogation programs provided useful intelligence to save lives. i want to read from one of the documents titled "detainees pivotal" since september 200 1-rbgs detainee reporting has been a killer of u.s. ev morts for law intelligence to capture additional terrorists an advancing our analysis of the al qaeda target. it has also provided unique insight into terrorist organizations including leadership, attack strategy and tactics. detainees have played some role in every cam tour of al qaeda member since 2002. bret: do we know how much of that information came from waterboarding? >> well, let me emphasize that we're still going through the last two documents, but what i was told from my contact this afternoon is that a significant portion of the intelligence that is detailed in these reports did come after khalid sheik mohammed was waterboarded. i was told he became what amounted to a human rolodex because of his knowledge about the al qaeda network and also its membership. bret: if you find anything else, let us know. thank you. >> i will. bret: house judiciary committee chairman john con
developments on the interrogation tactics used by cia on suspected terrorists. investigation by cia's own inspector general will be released today. it's a report concealed for five years but a federal court just ordered it released. elaine is live, what do we know about the findings of this report. >> the cia report is expected to be released today but new details are already emerging. >>> in separate incidents cia interrogators threatened the man suspected of plotting the deadly bombing of the uss cole. according to knowledge sources familiar with the 2004 cia report. sources confirm one interrogation session involved a gun. another an electric drill. both meant to scare the al qaeda prisoner into giving up information. newsweek reports mock executions were staged, including one where a gun was fired in a room next to a detainee to make him believe another prisoner had been killed. the american civil liberties union, which sued to get the cia report released, called the tactics under the bush administration not only reprehensible but illegal and said the american public has a right to kn
her and drove off. it's a great tragedy for someone coming to join us for worship and celebrate their spiritual life. it's a later thing. police found nor wood and his vehicle here later. he was detained for questioning. vehicles move quite fast. many know as they come and go, they need to bre very careful. accidents happen very frequency. police do not think speed was a factor in the crash. the throw men accused of killing harris are set to go on trial. the suspects have all pled not guilty in the murder. >> police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a man in oweings mill. investigators were called to the home. the man had died. they do say this is now a homicide investigation. police in howard county are searching for a man who was shot at a birthday party. call police with information. investigating what lead up to a triple stabbing in east baltimore. the girl, a man and woman were found suffering from stab wounds. >> firefighters are found on the scene. city fire crews are credited with recently installing smoke alarms. in east baltimore, crews new t
his totus when he's introducing for the scotus. he uses the cbo, gives the dpop something to talk about and dnc tropes out a prdvd saying the seiu and ama support the plan has does phrma. aarp say they haven't endorsed the obama plan, but here at fnc we have their ad, sure looked like it. and meanwhile, will the fbi have to investigate, if the e-mail sent by potus were in violation of the pra. it may take an foia request to find out and the secretary of hhs stirred up things in the msn about the public option. of course afl-cio and ocrn have been trying to pack halls because they were mia until they got told to rally. and you know what? i'm thinking omg, i'm lol. because this whole thing is a big m-e-s-s. about the president's guarantee work? stay tuned to fnc, you can find out. that's my view and love to hear yours, and you can contact me at mike when you do, click on to the fox news feedback section and there you'll find some information on how to contact your congress members and senators. well, my first guest says america's health care situation won't be fixed un
/4 mile wide by three miles long the baker is also the minister and actually used to splice tape for larry king be he is a native bahamian. and also the real estate agent he sold the the house and thought i would like to meet a local couple on the island and drove me up to jimmy's house with his wife hannah who is a canadian by birth after listening to two stories are realized he had never told me what he had done for a living the. i have chosen the best stories of all of the tails he had told and he said should i tell him? he is a white and bahamian one of the but minorities his family were original buccaneers working for the british crown and he proceeded to tell me at one time as you will read about he was a huge drug trafficker between colombia and united states and did so for a good decade before he was indicted by a uncle sam. >> host: you mentioned in this profession by jimmy and i thought that was a fascinating basis to start. do want to share exactly how he got into the business? >> guest: he is a very health-conscious individual as a drug trafficker you think they would partaking
of intelligence, nuclear weapons, our diplomacy, a close alliance with the u.s. will remain indispensable to the united kingdom. we have also imparted a frank message when needed. in my first speech as shadow foreign secretary in washington in 2006, i argue that in standing up for the rule of law, we must be careful not to imply methods that undermine it, and the reports of prisoner abuse leading to the torture of suspects it resulted in a loss of good will to america. the conservative party fully supports the foreign policy initiatives so far enacted by the obama administration. we are ready to work with our counterparts in washington. central to that work and the single most urgent priority in foreign policy when we come to government would be the american british and wider nato commitment in afghanistan. the conservative party supports the deployment of our armed forces in afghanistan. let me be clear that we are not in afghanistan to, for that country, but to bring about a situation where afghans can provide for their own security and livelihoods of not present a danger to the rest of
today. tracoryee wilkins joins us live. >> reporter: this is the second largest school system in maryland. and in addition to focusing on the classroom, school owe officials are also focusing on the transportation that gets the little ones there. these are not the nervous ones here. >> i cried at the house. we both did. >> reporter: this is giving former six graders two more years in the elementary buildings before moving to high school. >> it will be teresting. i experienced leaving middle school and going to high school, and it was more exciting. we will see how it goes. >> one of the things we noticed, if you reduce the number of transitions, when a child moves from one school to another, you are more apt to address the needs of that young person. >> the doctor here is serving his first year at the school system. he still faces a number of hurdles as it continues to rate among the lowest performing school systems in the nation. >> we need to increase the achievements of our students. >> they plan to increase safety and accountability on school buses. there is a new card swi
, the justice department declassifies an internal cia report on interrogation tactics used on terrorists in the bush administration. >>> tonight they're appointing a prosecutor who was assigned if any legal action is taken. >>> president obama gives the go-ahead for a special interrogation unit that will operate out of the fbi and will report directly to the white house. >>> and few less than president obama's cabinet. so who is helping the president tonight? >>> the associated press is reporting that the l.a. county coroner has ruled michael jackson's death a homicide. the news could mean criminal charges for jackson's personal doctor, dr. conrad murray. murray was in the house with jackson when he died. there are also more details contained in a search warrant, and court documents unsealed today. we have complete coverage tonight with randy in los angeles, and senior legal analyst jeffrey tubin in new york. first randy with the very latest. randy, what can you tell us? >> i know you mentioned the report by the associated press saying the death has been ruled a homicide. i do want to po
in this morning. you also reach us by e-mail,, and on twitter. the obama's are not in the white house this week, but the white house will have a special visitor this week. a philadelphia family will get a tour of the white house. one dozen of the descendants of jennings will view the famous gilbert stuart portrait of washington. the story this morning that we are asking you about is afghanistan. here is the front page of "the new york times." the military says that the afghan forces is insufficient. "military troops sought for procurement in war. the chief envoy to the region this weekend said that they did not have enough troops to do their job, pushed past their limits by taliban rebels who operate across the borders. taliban insurgents continued to bombard the towns and villages with rockets despite a new influx of american troops. in eastern afghanistan, a network of militants has become a main source of attacks against american troops and their afghan allies." further down, "the assessment comes after stanley mcchrystal revealed that he was working to complete a major war s
, everybody. ben bernanke says the worst behind us, nouri el rabinny says the chances of a double-dip recession are increasing. we will discuss who is right and who is wrong. >> another 150 to 200 banks will fail because of the current credit crisis and will be joining us live with details. this is the call on cnbc. >>> stocks moving higher in continuation of friday's rally on optimism that the worst of the optimism is behind us, not everyone agrees, including nuriel roub beanie. we will be bringing you more on that later. right now the dow up by .7 of a percent, five straight days in a row we are in the black. as for the s & p 500 up. and the nasdaq in the back. black. >> all big three talking about earnings improving in the next years. cash for clunkers expiring today but other programs traders are starting to get interest n you know, there is cash for appliances, part of the rebate program, rather part of the stimulus program here, $a 50 to $200 rebates for high-efficiency appliances supposed to start in the next month or two, appliance shipments a horrible time, down 15% year
, and cnn white house correspondent dan lothian are all working this story for us. i want to start off with elaine quijano. elaine, what else do we know in this newly declassified report? >> reporter: well, suzanne, this is the report right here. as you can see, it's pretty lengthy. we're still going through it. but there are new details about interrogations that took place under the bush administration. for instance, during the questioning of 9/11 mastermind khalid shaikh mohammed, here is what the report found on page 43. "according to this interrogator, the redacted portions are indicated there, you'll see, interrogators said to khalid shaikh mohammed that if anything else happens in the united states, we're going to till your children." also, in addition to details we learned over the weekend about the use of a gun and a power drill to intimidate a detainee into giving up information, now another tactic has been revealed. the report says, quote, in july 2002, blamed operations officer participated with another operations officer in custodial interrogation of a te taney. blank repor
's, it's certainly used as steve just referenced in not only russia's western periphery, but there are leaderships in central and eastern europe who are integrated into the european union and nato who are still quite concerned. and from their standpoints that could be justifiable. whether there will be russian military intervention into former central and east european territories -- and i'm speaking about countries already integrat into the european union and nato as full members -- i highly doubt it. however, when you see the european union as i just touched upon briefly in my presentation increasing this eastern partnership or outreach to your raise ya and os -- eurasia and ostensibly for energy assistance and development which includes countries such as georgia if i'm not mistaken, couries which may never become european union members in the next 5-10 years but i couldn't say for sure how that will evolve, i have to believe that it's less a matter of sphere of influence in military terms as it is in staking out the absolute requirement for energy supplies becausi don
media, news paster at b.g.e. newspapers and broadcasters. >> we appreciate you for joining us with the press association. thanks for the update. now that speech by william hague, the british conservative e party's shadow foreign secretary. his remarks are from earlier this summer in london. [applause] >> thank you and good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. it is a great pleasure to be here again, and thank you again for hosting. the third time in four years i have spoken around the 21st of july here in this room. parliament cannot go into recess until i have delivered my speech each year. i do indeed remember you assuring me that i would only be required for half an hour on television, and two hours later i was still sitting there answering the questions. two hours up translator arabic make a lot more sense than two hours in the house of commons, so i was pleased to do it. running at its highest since the end of the second world war, there is no doubt that the principal legacy of the current government's to its successes into the next generation will be debt, and get on a scale
a partner you said to go past cnn. gretchen: join us for the after the show show. have a fabulous monday, everyone. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute megyn: good morning, everybody. health care reform is on the verge of all-out political war. a senate democrat ramping up talk of an explosive packed act that would pass a bill -- an explosive tactic that would pass the bill with zero republican support. chuck schumer saying that his hand is on the new button. >> the bottom line is that we prefer a bipartisan approach, which is why senator reid and president obama bent over backwards, this bipartisan bill was supposed to be done after a series of deadlines. at some point soon after we get back, if we do not have a bipartisan bill we bill never be able to meet the goal of having a bill signed into law by the end of the year. yes, we are considering alternatives. megyn: that is where we begin this morning. welcome, greg. gregg: good to see you. you can feel him edging closer to that music button. megyn: he does not
to the right hospital and the right treatment. >> reporter: robert says he used to believe there was only one sure thing in medicine. >> i left medical school and i left my medical training knowing that i knew the difference between a living person and a dead person. and as of a couple weeks ago, i can no longer say that. >> reporter: kaelin and jim couldn't be more grateful. >> nice when it's a happy ending. >>> the news tonight far from over. the news edge at 11:00 starts right now. >> off the top tonight a new push to prevent passengers from being trapped on the tarmac. thanks for staying up with us. i'm will thomas. >> i'm sarah simmons in for maureen umeh. they're the horror stories all air travelers can relate to. passengers stuck for hours with nowhere to go. fox 5's matt ackland with some lawmakers who are planning to hold airlines accountable. >> reporter: if it's passed, the term bill will go after airlines and force them to make changes when it comes to the way they deal with passengers. the big issue being talked about these days is the time people are forced to spend trapped insi
. the number 1-877-tell-hln. you can e-mail us, or you can text us at hlntv, start your message with the word prime. your chance to be heard. >> controversy, opinion, your point of view. this is "prime news." >>> welcome once again. this is "prime news." first breaking news in the death investigation concerning michael jackson. court documents just into us show the king of pop had lethal levels of the drug propofol in his blood. this is a highly potent drug that's used to knock out patients for surgery. this new information on jackson is based on the los angeles county coroner's preliminary report. the coroner's office gave us no comment on the official cause of death. now, a source close to the investigation has told cnn jackson's personal doctor conrad murray gave him propofol within 24 hours of his death. could he be facing criminal charges and soon? as always, we take your calls at 1-877-tell-hln. let's bring in randi kaye from our sister network cnn. she's been all over this. what do we have in this document? we're really getting a timeline here. >> we certainly are
in the context of the strategies that were used relative to how we were handling ourselves. maybe these assimilations. in my view, it misses the mark. maybe there is a real world activity so that we learn what those are. in the national context, shouldn't we having national receiver that is not simulated which creates that same understanding between the public and private sector. >> so, where damage can truly be done. >> . when one of the military were games that they decided there were born to put cyber egan, -- going to put cyber in. the disabled the ability of the military to carry out its mission. they had to turn off the cyber thing. that is a big lesson. >> what has defense been doing? >> we have not, in the last two years, we have been observers to some of the department of defense gains. our focus has been getting this program moving forward from an operational standpoint. we expect that with the relationship that we have, we will be able to take our infrastructure and put it into the department of defense on the national level. we have offered up of. on a daily basis, we
on the same day the cia inspector general is set to release a report on harsh interrogation tactics used during the previous administration. bill sammon is our acting washington bureau chief. what else does the establishment of this new unit accomplished, bill? >> it does not accomplish a lot in terms of specific changes to interrogation techniques. i think what it accomplishes is it changes the controlling of those interrogations' from the cia to the fbi, and more specifically, to put the white house in direct control of interrogations' now. the white house has formed an elite unit of interrogators from different agencies. they will have direct control over it. it is more an assertion of executive authority over this controversial practice. jon: there are supposed to be new guidelines in place as to whether sleep deprivation will be allowed and things like playing of loud music. >> this kind of stuff -- remember during the campaign last year when candidate john mccain was coming out against torture and everyone was talking about we have to go back to the army field manual, this is essen
>> they found illegal doses of propofol. this is a powerful anesthetic, typically used at hospitals for surgery. they found it in dr. conrad murray's bags. according to the investigation, he told investigators he had been giving michael jackson the propofol to treat sleeplessness. >> i have done all i can do. i told the truth. and i have faith, the truth will prevail. >> reporter: the warrant also states that dr. murray was worried that jackson was adijted to -- addicted to the drug and was trying to get him off of it. but after jackson repeatedly demanded the drug, he gave him some, and jackson died. >> reporter: while jackson's death is considered a homicide, so far, no one has been charged and no one has been arrested. >> michael jackson was 50 years old. he is scheduled to be buried next month. >>> back here in maryland, police are investigating the murder of a man found shot in his baltimore county home. adam may explains, there was no forced entry to the home, making the homicide even more puzzling. adam? >> reporter: yeah, sally, and a very unusual neighborhood. police say th
>>> tonight on "worldfocus-- >>> a u.s. military official says the situation in afghanistan is serious and getting woe. and 've got shocking images of taliban searchingfor people who voted in last ek's election. >>> kpautive greek firefiters battle arod the clock to coain massive wildfires north of athens. when flames threaten a monastery,eventhe ns joined e fight. >>> scotland continueto face unlentless criticism for its release of lockerbie bombing as scottish leaders deterne what donext. >>> and estonia, on a mber of the soviet bloc, nowart of natoit has joined the battle in afghastan. tonight, we look at that country's w role as american ally. >> from the world's leading reporters and analys, here's what's happeningrom around the world. this is "worldfocu" de possible in part by the following funders mar support has also been provided by the peter g. petersonoundation dedicated to promoting fiscal respoibility and addressing keyconomic challees facing america's future. od eveni, i'm martin sadge. >>> the wain afghanistan. d tonight we want to ta a deeper look at thatonfl
'clock. live from the inner harbor, this is fox 45 news at 5:30. >>> that brings us to our question of the day. did police act appropriately in the arrest of raven linebacker tony fine. go to our web site and tell us what you think. response could air tonight on fox 45 news at 10:00. police try to crack down on gang activity at the inner harbor, ex gang member gives us some insight on what could happen next with baltimore feuding gangs. he was a member of the latin king. he spent 12 years in federal prison. now he worries baltimore gangs are viewed as out of control and they may face retaliation from national gang leaders. >> these guys don't have protocol. one gang pops up and they form this pirate group of guys that say they are blood then they form the neighborhood click and they say they are the cip s. these guys really don't have infrastructure. >>reporter: larry also predicts there could be trouble when schools reopen and gangs converge on campus. we'll have more on that story tonight at 10:00. >>> baltimore couldn't man is found dead shot several times inside his home and tonig
at the rockies restaurant at the inner harbor. megan gilliland joins us with the very latest. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. tony fein was having dinner when security thought he was passing a gun to his friends under the table. they thought it was a handgun, but it turns out it was a cell phone. inside the inner harbor johnny rockets, sunday evening, security officials spotted what they thought was a gun being passed around one of the dinner tables. they called police for backup. they asked the subjects to stand up, one of the subjects resisted police and became belligerent. the sergeant approached him and asked him to stand up again. he resisted stood up and pushed the officer on the chest. the officer fell down. >> reporter: injuring his elbow. the man has been identified as anthony fein. once he was apprehended, police were able to determine that what security thought was a gun was just a cell phone. >> they had to do what they had to do call police for backup. >> everybody is watching everything right now. >> reporter: ravens fans just learning of the news, say t
. not depicted there. our slogan comes to us from joy in hilliard, ohio. i hate to see the kids come back to school when summer ends but now i have more time for my "fox & friends." [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute gretchen: back in steve's place today is peter johnson jr. thanks for sharing your time with us today. let's get right to your headlines. a lot is happening now across the pond as they say in afghanistan. blunt words from afghanistan from the chairman of joint chiefs of staff mullen calls the situation there serious and deteriorating and he says the next year are critical. >> i believe we have got to start to turn this thing around from a security standpoint in the next 12 to 18 months. i think after that we would have a better view of how long it's going to take and what we need to do. again, we are just getting the pieces in place from the president's new strategy in march on the ground now. gretchen: mullen would not say w. whether more troops are needed. assessment by top commander general stanl
countries view us, because this is going to be used by america's enemies against us no matter what the obama administration does. >> all right, andrea mitchell and pete williams in our washington newsroom to start us off tonight, as we continue to go through these new documents. >>> we turn now to a major health news story. a u.s. government prediction today about how bad the swine flu outbreak might still become. they say a big percentage of the u.s. population is at risk and in some cases, the disease is expected to pose a fatal threat. we get details now from our chief science correspondent robert bazell, who is tonight at the centers for disease control in atlanta. >> reporter: a committee of scientists that advises the president said that while the swine flu pandemic is impossible to predict, a plausible scenario with the infection of 30% to 50% of the u.s. population, as many as 1.8 million hospital admissions and 30,000 to 90,000 deaths concentrated among children and young adults. speaking today at the centers for disease control, aging age secretary sebelius said she's concerned abo
a relatively smooth presidential election, an assessment from the pop u.s. general in afghanistan on the situation there is deteriorating. map out the challenges in both war zones and discuss calls for even more u.s. troops. the chairman of the joint chiefs admiral michael mull enand the u.s. ambassador to afghanistan. >>> the president is off for a vineyard vacation. not before making clear recent setbacks won't quiet his calls for major health care changes this year. >> my obligation to the american people says we're going to get this done one way or another. >> if that's the policy and political hurdles in the senate with richard lug ar and joe lieberman and democrat benjamin carter. >>> and he says the house should push the reset button on health care reform. democratic congressman he manual cleaver gets "the last word." >>> then on "american dispatch" from ft. riley, kansas. off to war again. soldiers and familiar lives the first infantry division take another turn in the army cycle of families praying. this is the "stast union" report for sunday, august 23rd. >>> karzai and
organization that's free of the al qaeda that attacked us 9/11 and then come home? >> i mean, how do you trust that? how do you trust that you're making a deal with this -- i mean, essentially we already consider them a terrorist organization. these are guys in the last two days cut off women's index fingers for voting in the elections. do you really want to be making any kind of deals with these guys, and would they really honor them? that's part of the problem in afghanistan is that so many of these people are just so -- the country is so underdeveloped, and there's just no education. you'd have to spend so many years just pouring resources in to develop the country to the point where you could really leave it stabilized. that's really what makes for the quagmire there. >> it seems like to me, chris, that afghanistan is becoming our northwest territory, like it is to pakistan. the ungovernable part of the world we have to continually go in and beat the hell out of it. >> that's the problem, chris. the idea of an open-ended commitment with an uncertain number of troops. if possibly that is ex
: there was news today on how the u.s. has and will handle terror suspects. the obama administration announced plans to oversee a new unit to interrogate detainees, shifting oversight from the c.i.a. that came on the same day newly declassified c.i.a. documents gave details of past interrogation methods. the report alleges c.i.a. agents threatened to kill the children of the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks. another detainee was told his mother and family would be sexually abused in front of him. to investigate some of those older cases, the justice department appointed federal prosecutor john durham to lead a probe of possible anti-torture violations during the bush administration. to begin our lead story, i'm joined by mark hosenball of "newsweek." >> welcome to the program. >> thank you. >> suarez: does the content of the documents released today take us much beyond what we already knew in the years after the september 11th terrorist attacks? >> not usually. it certainly doesn't take us beyond what we knew following the release earlier this year by the obama administration of those justice de
. >> the debate has gotten serious. >> it has. harold ford jr., thank you for being with us. a good day for us. thank you so much. >> i agree with you. >> what did i say you could not agree with me about? >> i have to say i was told to say that. >> well, thank you. >> who told you to say it? >> someone told harold not to agree with me completely. >> on health care, i think you made the right point. this is a democratic issue, but the way you argued it i thought was very fair and very convincing. >> thank you. i appreciate it. >> you think i look good? >> no comment. >> what are you, bill karins? >> savannah guthrie. >> you can sit a little bit closer. >> really? >> she's like, you know -- >> i just -- they said keep your distance from willie. that was the only advice they gave me. >> that was good advice. >> and willie geist, i have a bone to pick it you, sir. >> uh-oh. >> of course i don't wake up early enough to see "way too early." usually i wake up at 5:45, but i want to show everybody this picture you use when mike barnicle called in today. you know, i think most of us know that watch thi
threatened to assault a suspect's mother in front of him. nbc jim miklaszewski joins us live from the pentagon. is this the case of some bad apples who went beyond the guidelines who are simply going to be isolated and out possibly prosecuted? >> reporter: that's exactly what it sounds like, davidf. all indications from the justice department is this will not go any higher than those individual who is may have been involved in violating anti-torture laws in terms of the aggressive interrogation techniques they used. the cia was fully expecting that actually before the aclu filed a lawsuit forcing the cia to release a 2004 report by the cia inspector general into those aggressive interrogation techniques which allegedly detailed some of the violations -- alleged violations of the anti-torture laws. but it could go much further than that in terms of actual prosecutions because, as you said, today the attorney general, eric holder, appointed a special prosecutor, john durham, to look into the possibility that there were, in fact, criminal violations that some of these interrogations
to the fbi. a special white house task force will oversee interrogation policy and the u.s. will no longer send terror suspects for interrogation in countries that torture. we expect thousands of pages of previously secret reports on past abuses in the next few hours. this as attorney general eric holder may be appointing a special prosecutor to investigate past cia abuses. >>> and amidst charges of voter fraud in afghanistan, officials say the situation there is deteriorating as a taliban continues to gain strength. >>> good day, i'm andrea mitchell, live in washington. while the president is vacationing on martha's vineyard, there are some big changes now concerning national security. nbc's ron allen is traveling with the president in martha's vineyard. ron, the big story at the white house today is this new national security approach a new policy on detainees and interrogation? >> indeed, andrea. and as you know, this is a big break with the past in the bush administration's approach to these matters. as you know, president obama and other members of his administration have been very cr
py to have him hereto hav with us on the show. on t i want to sayhe thanks to all theoss folks, all the people behind bin the scenes. they are the ones who make this thing work, not me. t and special thanks to our stafftaff over in jerusalem. they were wonderful to workfrom staff with. from the staff and crew of huckabee, let me say from new york good knight, everybody have a good week. >>> welcome to "red eye." it is like one day at a time if by day you mean dwarf. let's go to tv's andy levy for the pregame report. andy, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> friday and you know what that that means. everyone ear is all wee weed up. what does president obama blame for his falling poll numbers? what happened to the texas cop who let a hot waitress play with his gun. you try to decide what i mean by gun. are attractive sales people bad for business. a new study says maybe but others say perhaps. greg. >> greg: sounds like the same thing. >> someone get a doctor. let's welcome our guests. here with fox busin
expects enrollment to go up but school officials would not tell us whether they will meet the goal of 41,000 students which is what the budget is based on. >>> the fenti administration spelled out the d.c. ps teacher learning framework. this document covers everything from assessing teacher progress and reteaching basic issues. >>> d.c. council member mary chai did her inspection of district 3. dangerous lead levels were found at eaton elementary. other things such as broken doors and air-conditioning systems in classrooms at other schools but despite the small troubles chai was pleased with what she found. >>> and students in prince george's county also made their way back into the classroom. police officers handed out drivers for an on going road safety campaign. and a news letter is going out toasteddents staff this week for back to school information to parents for information on inclement weather and parent communications. >>> and prince george's county, frederick county and an arendel county opened up in maryland. more on the schools in just a little bit. and in virginia it's back
will play some extra music for us here. selinski tomorrow at 7:00 am. blue chips hitting their highest level of the year. above 9500. this after home sales soar, too. existing home sales up in july for the fourth straight month. jumping more than 7%. a lot of the buying due to first-time owners rushing to grab tax credits set to expire in the fall. auto veils up as well, driven by, what else, than cash for clunkers which is overcome monday? but is this recovery for real or is it all astroturf? fake as the dems accuse the town hall protests to be. the tax credits, the clunker cash. once they are gone, will the recovery go, too? good morning, everyone, i'm brenda blackmon. this is "bulls & bears." let's get right to it. there they are. the "bulls & bears." gary b. smith, tobin smith, eric bolling along with julia fisciteli. all these games an astroturf recovery? >> that's what happens when you give away free money. when the free money stops, you have a bunch of people out there who are used to getting the check in the mail. if there are no more checks coming, the demand goes bye-bye. you are l
. in it -- america's spies went to war. the bush and administration always denied use of torture. >> no american will be allowed to torture and other human being anywhere in the world. >> but the bush administration did tell the cia to use "enhance in terror nation -- enhanced interrogation techniques." , a report found that some cia officers had broken even the bush administration's rules on torture. but every detail was blacked out. this report can now be reissued. take the case of the bombing of the uss cole in 2000. al-qaeda opera, rahim al- nashiri, was arrested in 2002 and interrogated. he was reportedly threatened with an electric drill and a mock execution. both techniques may have been illegal, even under the rules of the bush administration. >> officials should have known it these techniques were illegal. it is absolutely essential that individuals who authorized to and implemented these techniques be held accountable. >> president obama, on holiday with his family, now faces an acute dilemma. should he prosecute cia officers or not? today, the white house announced that interrogation
we will be back for "dateline" sunday. i'm an curry, for all of us here at nbc news, good night. -- captions by vitac -- captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> this sunday, the fight over health care reform. the president's approval rating fall as opposition to his plan grows. democrats question whether the white house is backing away from a public plan. >> what we said is we think it's a good idea, but we haven't said it's the only aspect. >> can there be a compromise or will democrats try to go it alone. this morning, the debate. we'll hear from both sides of the aisle, senator orrin hatch and senator charles shumer, democrat of new york. selling the plan, has the president lost the pr war and political support? what about the biggest question of all? how will it affect you. joe scarborough and tavis smiley weigh in. finally, the "meet the press" minutes. robert novak, a look back at highlights from his more than 200 appearances on this program over the past 45 years. >>> but, first, in addition to waging political battles at home, he's faced with wars
to go through these new documents, both with us from our washington newsroom tonight to start us off. thanks to you both. >>> now we turn to a big health news story. a u.s. government prediction today about how bad the swine flu outbreak might still become. they say a big percentage of the u.s. population is at risk and in some cases, the disease is expected to pose a fatal threat. we get details from our chief science correspondent robert bazell, who is tonight at the centers for disease control in atlanta. >> reporter: a committee of scientists that advises the president said that while the swine flu pandemic is impossible to predict, a plausible scenario with the infection of 30% to 50% of the u.s. population, as many as 1.8 million hospital admissions and 30,000 to 90,000 deaths concentrated among children and young adults. speaking today at the centers for disease control, aging secretary sebelius said she's concerned about certain polls showing americans are not terribly worried about swine flu. >> we know that right now that there's a lot of complacency. now the continuum of b
them. then they mock us when we say could you please read the bill? >> i love these members that get up and say read the bill. what good is reading the bill if it's a thousand pages and you don't have two days and and two lawyers to find out what it means after you read the bill? glenn: i'm going to give you perspective on that, coming up in the next half hour. whenever obama has a gathering of supporters, it's grassroots, but when regular americans protest his policies, it's astroturf, artificial. am i hateful, america, to ask these questions? am i hateful for saying can we survive this crushing debt? if yes, give me specifics. how do we survive it? what's the are rush on healthcare and cap and trade? sure, the planet is going to burn to the ground, but can we at least read the bill? whose writing these bills? is it nancy pelosi? is it some organization? i'm going to give you the answer tonight. will washington read and understand the bills before they sign them? am i hateful to ask them that? am i hateful to ask why are they grassroots if you're for these things and you're astroturf o
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